14 Days of Christmas Training

January 4, 2023

Lahaina Swim Club at the end of the winter break training 2022

The Lahaina Swim Club just completed their winter break training. It was named the “14 Days of Christmas.” The group was offered 25 practices in 14 days which included 14 straight days of morning practice and 11 evening practices.

Jake McGill led the team with 24 made practices. Abby Rogers was the girls leader with 23 practices. At the end of the winter break training, Abby Rogers said, “Thank you so much to Coach Tom for providing the elephantine amount of trainings throughout winter break. I know it’ll benefit me greatly throughout 2023!”

Jake McGill and Legend Storer at the end of the winter break training

Kealani Aly, Legend Storer, and Eli Hazlet all had more than 20 practices attended. The club celebrated by drawing stripes on each others arms signifying how many practices each swimmer made during the 14 days. Now we turn our attention to the championship season.

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