Swimming Community Helps Lahaina in the Aftermath of Devastating Wildfire

August 29, 2023

On August 8th 2023, wildfires devastated Lahaina, bringing an unprecedented level of destruction and displacing countless families from their homes. Our tight-knit swim club was not spared from this upheaval, as many of our swimmers and coaches found themselves suddenly homeless, searching for stability in the midst of chaos.

The swimming community from across the nation demonstrated a remarkable outpouring of support, sending their kind words, prayers, and generous donations. Many swim clubs and members of the swim community far and wide extended their help, contributing to our GoFundMe campaign in an effort to aid those who had lost everything. Maui Dolphins Swim Club, Iolani Swim Club, Inland Coastal Aquatic Club, Alto Swim Club, Elk Grove Aquatics Club, Maui Swim Club, Austin Swim Club, Orinda Aquatics, Aulea Swim Club, Rainbow Aquatics, visiting swimmers who trained with Lahaina Swim Club over the years, and many others from the swimming community have come forward. We are eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to help our club.

Austing Swim Club gets together to swim one million yards to raise money for Lahaina

We would like to express a special thank you to Kevin and Patti Thompson, the passionate owners of Austin Swim Club, who rallied their swimmers’ families and the broader Austin community in a gesture that captured the essence of true compassion. On August 26th, the swimmers of Austin Swim Club embarked on an awe-inspiring mission – they committed to swimming a staggering One Million Yards as a tribute to the Lahaina Swim Club and the Convoy of Hope. For every 100,000 yards swum, donations poured in, showing that even in the face of geographical distance, hearts could be united for a common cause.

Austin Swim Club swimmers during the fundraiser for Lahaina Swim Club

As Lahaina is figuring out how to move on and recover from the devastation, the support from the swimming community near and far remains a beacon of light. The wildfire that wreaked havoc on our Lahaina community brought forth both destruction and an inspiring sense of togetherness. Through the selfless actions of many individuals and clubs who rallied behind us, we’ve come to realize that a community’s strength lies not only in its shared interests but in its capacity for empathy and support. The journey toward healing and rebuilding is challenging, yet with the unwavering spirit of unity, hope, and the kinship that binds us, we are hopeful that we can rise from the ashes and emerge stronger than before.

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