As the 2016 Short Course season is well underway we wanted to introduce a new team page using Swim Outlet’s web-site. This site is great to get all your swimming gear and the team receives a percentage back.

The site was set up with some basic items like swim suits (black/red), googles, flippers, towel and some swim stickers on the main Lahaina Swim Club page. There is also a customized tab for a swim bag and swim parka with Lahaina on them that you can choose. The other great thing about this set up is that you can also go on and order ANYTHING on the website using the links below and we get credit for the team.

Your Store Links

Team Store Link: https://m.swimoutlet.com/Affiliate_StoreDetail.asp?sid=38725&catid=97975&sc=SOBQ93CQ8WBP5XHN
This link will send your shoppers straight to your custom-built Team Store

General Referral Link: http://www.swimoutlet.com/?click=5363934
This link will not show your team store but your team will get credit for anything purchased while shopping through it.


Have fun shopping.